Height: 34"             Width: 22"                  Depth: 12"

Standard  Specs: Back wall, Gopuram, 1 Storage drawer, Your choice of stain color

Custom Options: Tray, LED Light, Step, Bells, Hanging Lamps, Design Fringes, Tanjore Art work on the back wall,  Decorative fence wraparound

Vishranthi Creations Dwaraka Pooja Mandapam is the smallest model in our collection of pooja mandirs. This Pooja Mandir design features a fusion of contemporary and traditional style. The mandapam can be placed on the countertop or floor for regular use.  The mandapam is also ideal for use during special occasions like Ganesh Chathurthi, Sathyanarayana Pooja, Varalakshmi Pooja etc.

 ​(Starting from $550)

Dwaraka Pooja Mandir Design

This pooja mandir design features a traditional style with back wall and 2 pillars on the front of the mandapam.  There is plenty of room on the back wall to hang your pictures. Add a step or two on the base to place your idols. See below for pictures of this pooja mandir design.

 ​Dwaraka Pooja Mandir Designs

 ​Pooja Mandir & Tanjore Paintings in USA

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