​Pooja Mandir & Tanjore Paintings in USA

​​​Made in NC, USA & shipped within the US​​

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Inspired by the rich Hindu temple architecture of India, Vishranthi Creations' Pooja Mandapams are artistically handcrafted in our custom woodworking shop in NC, USA. We build wooden pooja mandir based on your specifications and vasthu shastra and offer you a wide range of sizes, colors and décor styles to help you design your very own unique wooden Pooja Mandir for home. Vishranthi Creations' custom pooja mandirs come in different sizes. Vishranthi Creations Pooja Mandirs come in several wooden temple designs for home to fit your needs. We have presented several pictures of wooden temple online. See our pooja mandir for sale online or contact us to discuss about your favorite wooden pooja mandir for home.  We offer Tanjore Paintings and Tanjore Artwork in addition to pooja mandirs.  

​Our Pooja Mandirs, Tanjore Paintings and Hindu temple related divine wooden crafts are artistically handcrafted in NC, USA. And because our products are purely works of art, you are guaranteed only the best and the most exquisite grand custom pieces. At Vishranthi Creations, not only do you get unrivaled masterpieces but also the combination of quality, service, and value.  Contact us today for details.

 About Vishranthi Creations

Pooja Mandir & Tanjore Paintings 

Vishranthi Creations is a registered business owned and operated by a woman entrepreneur in North Carolina, USA.  At Vishranthi Creations, we are all about promoting unparalleled, timeless heritage represented by unique Indian art forms. We build custom pooja mandir in line with our clients requirements. Our products are made in USA at our custom woodworking shop in North Carolina, USA. We offer discounted price on shipping our Pooja Mandirs and Tanjore Art within USA.  We currently offer: