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Tanjore Painting is a magnificent form of Indian art that has held its majestic place in history. Tracing its roots to the city of Thanjavur (Tanjore) in Tamil Nadu, these paintings represent both richness and splendor in their distinctive composition and the vibrant use of colors. These renderings offer a unique three-dimensional appeal by use of semi-precious embellishments embossed on gold leaves.

At Vishranthi Creations, we offer Tanjore paintings and Tanjore Art Work in addition to our pooja mandir collection. Starting at $200, we offer Tanjore Paintings in different sizes.
 Tanjore paintings are priced based on the size, the subject, the details, and the extent of usage of embellishments, which usually depends on the number of characters portrayed. 

We have presented some samples of our Tanjore Paintings and Tanjore Art work below. Contact us to find out the availability of your favorite Tanjore painting or to order any custom Tanjore Painting of your choice.

Vishranthi Creations Tanjore Paintings USA

​​Below are some samples of our Tanjore Paintings - We mostly work on custom orders. So not all paintings will be available at all times. Click on the picture for an expanded view