​Pooja Mandir & Tanjore Paintings in USA

​​​Made in NC, USA & Shipped within the US​​

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We have presented some pictures of this pooja mandir design below for your reference.  Click on the picture for an expanded view.

 Kailash Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 2

Dimension: Height: 68" (Bottom 24" Middle 30" Top 14") Width 30" Depth: 18"

Kailash Standard  Specs: Base, 2 Decorative Pillars, Back Wall, Decorative Gopuram with 5 mounts on top, Storage at the bottom with doors, Stain color of your choice


Custom Options: LED Lights, Decorative Pillars, Pull-out tray, Extended Depth, Extended Height, Drawer, Shelves, Steps, Bells, Hanging Lamps, Back Wall Designs, Decorative Fence

Kailash​ Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 4

Kailash Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 1

Kailash Pooja Mandir Open Design

Kailash​ Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 3

​Vishranthi Creations' Kailash Pooja Mandir is a tall design that comes with several customizable options. This tall wooden pooja mandir features a grand gopuram andpillars which enhances its aesthetics. This wooden pooja mandir is ideal for a family looking to hang a lot of pictures on their pooja mandir.  This Divine Wooden Pooja Mandir also comes with a host of options to customize.

Tall Pooja Mandir without Doors

(Starting From $2,350)