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 ​Pooja Mandir & Tanjore Paintings in USA

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Dimension:           Height: 55" (Bottom 18" Middle 29" Gopuram 8") 

                                Width: 36"   Depth: 18" 

Standard  Specs: Base, Gopuram, Fully Closed Back Wall, Pillars, Storage                                   compartment at the bottom with doors, Stain color of                                      your choice                                            

Custom Option : Doors, Side Walls, Custom Gopuram, Custom Pillars,                                         LED Lights, Trays, Drawers, Steps, Shelf, Bells, Hanging                                   Lamps, Decorative Fence wraparound, Tanjore                                                 Paintings on back wall or pooja mandir doors

​​​Vishranthi Creations Madhura Pooja Mandir is a medium sized model in our collection of wooden pooja mandir designs for home. This pooja mandapam is a floor model that's offered in a size that's ideal for an exclusive pooja room set up or to be part of another room without occupying a lot of space.  This wooden pooja mandapam offers plenty of customizations to choose per your design requirements.

Madhura Pooja Mandir Designs

 Medium Sized Wooden Pooja Mandir for home

(Starting from $1,150)

Madhura Pooja Mandir Design - 1 (Madhura Pooja Mandir Without Doors)

This design features a fusion of contemporary and traditional style pooja mandir. It is ideal for limited number of idols and/or pictures. Get in touch now to order the Tanjore paintings of your choice to adorn the wall or the floor of your pooja mandir. 
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​​​Madhura Pooja Mandir Design - 2 (Madhura Pooja Mandir With Doors)

This  Wooden Pooja Mandir design comes with doors.  
Click here for more details on this pooja mandir design.