​Pooja Mandir & Tanjore Paintings in USA

​​​Made in NC, USA & Shipped within the US​​

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Dimension: Height: 69" (Bottom 17" Middle 35" Gopuram 17")   Length: 60"   Width: 24"

Standard  Specs: Base, Gopuram with 9 mounts, Fully Closed Back wall, 2 Standard Pillars, Storage compartment at the bottom with 2 doors, Stain color of your choice                                            
Custom Options: LED Lights, Custom Pillars, Trays, Drawers, Doors, Side walls, Steps, Shelf, Bells, Hanging Lamps, Decorative Fence, Back wall designs, Side wall designs, Additional mounts

Chola Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 2 - Grand wooden Pooja Mandir with design work on doors

Chola Pooja Mandir is part of our premium collection of wooden pooja mandirs featuring a large sized floor model pooja mandir that spans over 5 feet in length and close to 6 feet in height.  Available in both open, closed and partly-closed designs with a ton of custom options to choose from, this divine wooden pooja mandir is sure to add grandeur to the pooja room in your home.

Chola Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 1​ - Extra Large wooden Pooja Mandir with carved doors

Chola Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 5 - Extra Large Wooden Pooja Mandir with doors

Chola Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 3 - Extra Large Wood Pooja Mandir with 3 bells on each door

Chola Pooja Mandir Design 2

​ Large/XL Wooden Pooja Mandir With Doors

Chola Pooja Mandir Pictures Set 4 - Extra Large Wooden Pooja Mandir with 16 bells on doors

We have presented a few pictures of this wooden pooja mandir design below for your reference. Click on the picture for an expanded view