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Chola Pooja Mandir Closed Design (Pooja Mandir with doors)

Chola Pooja Mandir can be made as open, semiclosed or fully closed design. Chola Pooja Mandir closed design features pooja mandir with doors. This Divine Wooden Pooja Mandapam is very large and can house many frames and idols. Customize the door designs and create a unique pooja shelf for your family. 
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The starting price listed above is for the standard specs listed herein. It does not include freight charges or charges for custom options.

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Chola Pooja Mandhir is part of our premium collection of divine wooden pooja mandirs featuring a large or extra large sized mandap that spans over 5 ft in length and a little under 6 ft in height.  Chola Pooja Mandir is available in open, closed and partly-closed designs. This Divine Wooden Pooja Mandir is ideal for a family that has a lot of frames and idols to be placed on the pooja mandapam. 

​​​Chola Pooja Mandir Open Design (Pooja Mandir without doors)

Chola Pooja Mandir can be made as open, semi-closed or fully closed. Chola Pooja Mandir open design features pooja mandir without doors. This Divine Wooden Pooja Mandapam can house many frames and idols. 
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Chola Pooja Mandir Designs

(Starting at $2,750)

Dimension: Height 69" (Bottom 17" Middle 35" Gopuram 17") Width 60"  Depth 24"

Standard Specs: Base, Gopuram, Fully closed back wall, 2 standard pillars,  Storage compartment with 2 doors, Stain color 


Custom Options: LED lights,, Pooja Mandir Drawers, Pooja Mandir Doors, Side walls, Custom Pillars, Pooja Shelf, Pooja steps, Bells on Mandir,  Hanging Lamps for Mandir, Shanku Chakram on Gopuram